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Being the smart high-achieving, goal-driven, and self-motivated business owner and entrepreneur that you are, we're sure we don't have to tell you that your target market needs to see your brand show up in an consistent and appealing way before they'll trust you enough to work with you or buy from you.

But here’s the problem- you pull up your social media calendar, or sit down to draw up plans for your next product launch… and you’re still pulling from the same 10-15 images you've been using over the last year (or more).

And what’s worse, the photos are all from different sources, with inconsistent lighting and mismatched editing. There’s no cohesion, which means your brand’s visual presence is inconsistent. It’s patch-worked, duct-taped together, and you realized what used to be “good enough” isn’t really working anymore. 

"As a business owner, I never realized how badly I needed to have a professional brand photographer style and direct a session like this for me. I see now that this is more than just a collection of headshots, William created a complete visual representation of my brand that I desperately needed!"

Katelyn James

Photographer, Educator

"As a business owner, I never realized how badly I needed to have a professional brand photographer style and direct a session like this for me. I see now that this is more than just a collection of headshots, William created a complete visual representation of my brand that I desperately needed!"

Katelyn James

Photographer, Educator

Hi There! I'm William Ballard, And I Too Am Familiar With Duct-Taped Marketing Plans!

I’ve been photographing for more than 5+ years at this point, and as I moved into the world of business and marketing, I realized my fellow business owners and entrepreneurial friends were running out of photos to help them SELL their work!

They may have had plenty of headshots, plenty of behind-the-scenes photos, but what about on-brand imagery that isn’t just more forgettable shots of you smiling at the camera with a cute coffee cup in hand? 

Because -- let’s speak candidly with one another -- there are only so many times you can ask your various photographer friends to grab a few photos of you before the disjointed-yet-repetitive nature of it all starts to break down. 

Trust me: the world doesn’t need more pictures of you smiling at a laptop.

Member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA); and Inductee into The National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi

A Sampling of Our Work

It's Time To Give Your Digital Drawer of Photos a Much Needed Upgrade in Order To Help You Show Up Consistently, To Tell Your Brand's Story Effectively, And to Serve Those Who Need Your Gifts The Most

I'm William Ballard

I'm an international photographer who, after falling in love with nature, fine art, and the art of storytelling through photography, realized that there are a LOT of small business owners out there in need of a strong, visual brand. It's my JOY to partner with creative entrepreneurs to help make that happen!

With more than 5+ years experience in the fine art industry, I’ve come to be known for photographs that capture a glimpse into a side of the world that is not often experienced by others. With personal branding photography, I bring that same unique style into every session with my clients, capturing them as they truly are -- unique and comfortable in their own skin. Relaxed enough to let their real smile shine through -- that beautiful, divine side that is not often shared -- without sacrificing any of the professionalism your brand has come to be known for!

Though I’m based in the Southeastern Oklahoma and the North Texas area, my clients have taken me across North America -- including the beautiful countryside of Canada. In addition to photography, I also have the extreme honor of speaking on stages around the world and mentoring thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs and photographers who are seeking to live life on their own terms. As an accomplished online entrepreneur, writer, business coach, and marketing consultant, cultivating a lifestyle of freedom, my work has been featured in publications such as EntrepreneurWriter's DigestWriter's WeeklyThrive GlobalAmerican Writer's & Artist Inc. (AWAI), among many others. 

Outside of work, you could find me with a cup of hot coffee in hand and my nose in a good book, or outside in nature with a sketch book and pencil drawing, as well as cultivating a life richly lived through travel. And I never leave home without my camera.

The Process

Just Like a Well Cut Gown or Suit, We Believe Most Things Can Be Made Better & More Enjoyable When it's Tailored Specifically to Your Needs.

Personal Branding sessions are customized according to your small business' aesthetic, message, and upcoming needs; prior to your shoot, we'll meet to discuss your ideas and hopes for your portraits, as well as any upcoming launches, offerings, or events for us to keep in mind as we plan your session.

We'll send over an in-depth questionnaire, which we'll use to do our pre-shoot research, and we'll then map out your shoot to best tell the story of your brand, planning the flow of your shoot from beginning to end.

What Will We Shoot?

Whatever Your Brand Needs! If it's Bio Photos & Working Shots, We'll Plan Time to Capture Those Images in a Variety of Compositions & Layouts to Ensure You have Maximum Usage Across Multiple Platforms.

If you’re in need of photos for sales pages, email funnels, or online ads, we’ll talk through what those launches will look like, and we'll brainstorm a collection of material that will compliment your message and stand out from the offer-heavy landscape of social media. You’ll leave with a thorough collection of photos suited for use across the platforms you intend to utilize.

Every branding session is different from the last (which is part of the reason we love it so much!)- we do copious research and ask a lot of questions to make sure your photographs work for YOUR business.

More Samples of Our Work

This is For You if...

  • You're a creative small business owner or entrepreneur driven by big goals and an even bigger heart for service.
  • You have (or are planning) for multiple streams of income and find yourself in need of on-brand photographs across multiple platforms.
  • You have a solid marketing plan, but lack a cohesive collection of photos to make your brand consistently, visually recognizable.
  • You're looking ahead to the next few quarters and realize you don't have the photographs needed to furnish your sales pages, ads, and pre-launch content.
  • You're tired of duct-taping your visual marketing game together with a hodgepodge of DIY photos, a myriad of Lightroom presets, and images from a dozen different photographers

Your profile photo is the first thing potential employers or potential clients see when they visit your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. A carefully crafted, personal branded headshot provides a solid, professional appearance to your online profiles, your business cards and across all of your marketing materials. 

We offer in-studio and on location services. Our Personal Branding Sessions are designed to provide excellent value for corporate headshots and portraits.

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